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BZD Nurturing the Bonds Between American Jewry and The State of Israel

Our mission at BZD is to connect the Jewish community to the State of Israel, and through our virtual programs, we have successfully accomplished this. Our programs range from tours of Israel to in-depth discussions with Holocaust Survivors and cultural and heritage tours. Each program is one hour in length and delves into a different topic. We are happy to report that our programs have reached people all over the United States and Canada, attracting 500 – 700 people, depending on the topic.

BZD has been organizing trips to Israel for over 30 years. We offer an adult trip for those 55+, mom trips for moms with children under 18 living at home, and summer teen trips for teens ages 15 - 18 living in the Baltimore area.

With the rise of Antisemitism, BZD has been at the forefront of standing up to antisemitism within our community. Joining and attending the “No Fear: Rally in Solidarity with the Jewish People.” and organizing a rally supporting Israel with Nearly 300 demonstrators holding handmade signs and Israeli flags.

Each year the BZD is proud to bring the Jewish community together to promote a morning of learning and conversation for an Israel Symposium. This forum features outstanding experts in an open and honest panel discussion. Our program is held live and is streamed for our of-town members.

For nearly 4 - Years, The BZD has brought the Yellow Candle Project, to the Baltimore community. The Yellow Candle is a practical and informal educational tool to remember those murdered during the Holocaust. Each candle comes with a card displaying the name, age, date, and place of death of a victim of the Holocaust. The youngest victim being remembered is 1-year-old, and the eldest is 82. Additionally, each year, a program is created alongside this project as an additional way to ensure the Jewish community keeps the memory of those 6 Million alive. We must #NeverForget

Throughout the year, the BZD hosts many in-person events and brings delegations from Israel to ensure our community stays educated with Israeli matters. One such program that was held both in-person and via streaming was: "The Myth of IsraeliAparthied." In the wake of the Amnesty International Report accusing Israel of apartheid, The BZD has undertaken a concerted effort to debunk this libel as part of our mission to educate the community and fight the media bias against the State of Israel. We were joined by Israeli and Israeli Arab activists of Together Vouch for Each Other U.S., Yoseph Haddad, Emily Schrader, Ahmed Zoabi, and Lorena Khateeb, who refuted the “Israeli apartheid” libel and the Amnesty International Report.

BZD in the Baltimore community - The BZD is proud to be a co-sponsor and lead planner of three major events in Baltimore. Yom Ha'azmaut, Yom Hazikaron and Yom HaShoah. Each one of these programs play a vital role within our community and we are to sponsor and lead these initiatives with our staff and Board of Directors.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the BZD, our events programs and overall mission,

The BZD Staff and Board of Directors